Meet Katherine


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I’m certified in Bowen Therapy, Animal Bowen, McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release, Trigger Point Therapy for Horses, Musculoskeletal Unwinding and I am a Reiki Master. Your care, is my top priority.

Offering sessions where the primary goal is to achieve balance and symmetry to the central nervous system through assessments to detect dysfunction and perform targeted treatments to restore homeostasis using the Bowen Move.

This move’s for you! Targeted pain and mobility relief by restoring symmetry, one move at a time!

As a Bowen therapist, dog and horse owner, it became clear to me that the body is an amazing organ.  You start looking at people and animals differently, how they walk, how they hold their bodies. The body has an innate capacity for self-regulation and healing.  It also became clear the interconnection between animals and owners on a physical and emotional level. Hence my drive to provide treatment for all of them.  If the human body is compensating because there is a lack of symmetry then it will transfer and create compensation patterns in your horse.  If the human is stressed, your dog will be stressed.  You get the picture.

I currently live with my loving husband, Marlo. in the beautiful town of Stirling, ON.  We are lucky enough to have 20 acres of land where our horses, dogs, and cats can be with us all the time. I was blessed with two girls who in return blessed me with sons I never had and many wonderful and awesome grandchildren.

My passion outside of Bowen is competing in cattle sorting with my horses, going on long trail rides, spending memorable times with my family and friends,and dabbling in essential oils.

I would like to thank my Bowen Instructors for their depth of knowledge and teaching abilities and to other Bowen Practitioners who have taken Bowen to a new level of understanding.

With special thanks to Alastair McLoughlin and Graham Pennington for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

There will be more courses in the future and more thanks to give.

You can see more with my Youtube videos  and visit my Facebook page.