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Pain Management Solutions & Services
for acute, chronic pain and sports injuries.

I believe you do not have to live with acute or chronic pain in your body. You do not have to live with migraines. I believe you don’t have to live with scar pain. You do not have to live your life taking 1 to 10 pills a day to be pain-free. I believe it is not “all in your head”.

Surround yourself in a setting that sets the tone for relaxation! As a result, your body is prepared to rest and repair.

Pain and Wellness Solutions Personal Body Work

Bowen Therapy stimulates the nervous system, and locates the root cause, to create a balanced structure which reduces or eliminates pain and restores function.

A soft tissue therapy that is combined with Bowen therapy for the assessment, treatment, and management of soft tissue injury, pain and dysfunction of the neuro-musculoskeletal system.

Scars can have a profound effect on the body. Your low back pain or shoulder pain may be because of the scar.

Sometimes our minds create blocks that stop the healing process.  Stress and past trauma’s may be buried in our subconscious.  Reiki is a good place to start to heal our emotions. 

Pain Management Solutions and Services are available! Let’s start your journey to health and wellness today!