Results – Equine

Testimonial – Charlie is a typical red mare full of SASS! When we cantered her she would buck 5-10 times every time, and riding her was always work, standing in a field was her kind of thing. We knew she had always had some minor stifle issues if worked hard however we only trailer rode her so assumed no hard work was being done. Well one day my 5 year old was riding her on the lunge line at a trot and 3-5 strides in Charlie no only started to limp she was almost crawling, so I immediately pulled my daughter off and un-tacked her. Checked her out and nothing abnormal. Vet came out and recommended massage and chiropractor; we ended up with Kathy at Pain and Wellness and had an amazing experience. I think we have 3-4 visits tops and 2 Chris practice visits and the mare is a whole new horse! She just competed in a show and got 7 seconds, one third, one fourth and a fifth! She is a total different animal to ride, she doesn’t buck at the canter and she can be riding multiple times a week! She’s such a pleasure with her typical SASS attitude still! Kathy took the time to listen to the horse and see what areas needed to be worked on. She did everything with Charlie’s best interest in mind. I will be having her out again! From crawling to jumping!