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Welcome!  This is me, my dogs Diesel, Bailey and Kenya

This move is for you! Targeted pain and mobility relief by restoring symmetry, one move at a time!

After being in a car accident in 2010 where the truck rolled on its side and left me literally hanging, it also left me in pain on my entire left side.  I did the normal thing that most of us do because I didn’t realize there were other options and was looking for options that were all covered under my medical plan, and went faithfully to many different therapies, I even went to the pain clinic where they tried to freeze some nerves and then tried something different where they stuck this long needle into my spine to direct the fluid near my sciatic nerves.  For whatever reason, none of these therapies were fixing the issue.  Pills were not an option for me. After 7 years of being in pain, I started to research alternative therapies.  Bowen has been the only thing so far that has helped unravel the layers of dysfunction in my body. This is when I decided that I wanted to learn Bowen. The body has an innate capacity for self-regulation and healing. It also became clear the interconnection between animals and owners on a physical and emotional level. Hence my drive to provide treatment for all of them. If the human body is compensating because there is a lack of symmetry then it will transfer and create compensation patterns in your horse. If the human is stressed, your dog will be stressed. You get the picture.

Kathy Morton’s Bowen Therapy has brought relief to a chronic neck problem. She is client focused and takes time to listen prior to each treatment which means I experience not only relief but also a great night’s sleep. Jane F.

While I don’t understand how it works I am pleased to say that the experience of the Bowen treatments has been amazing. I went to Kathy with a number of symptoms, issues with scar tissue, skeletal misalignment and all of the aches and pains that come with that. After seven sessions across a couple of months I have experienced an exhilarating turnaround. The aches from those two bodily conditions have dissipated. I can hardly believe the changes and would heartily recommend Kathy and her expertise with the Bowen method to anyone who suffers from any musculoskeletal pain.  M. K.

Bowen Therapy