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Are you in acute or chronic pain? Are you done with being sore? Don’t give up yet!
What if I told you there was another therapy with a high success rate! What if I told you this therapy looks for the root cause, the reason why you are still in pain. Are you ready to live your life again?

Conditions – Stress, Back pain, Sciatic pain, Knee issues, Migraines, Whip Lash, Neck issues, Pelvic issues and many others.

Treatment plans for you. Treatment plans for your pet. Treatments plans for your horse.

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We look for the ROOT cause of your issue through personal assessments. The ROOT cause may be buried in layers of dysfunction brought on by physical accident, sporting injuries, and so many other little things that can come up in life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t heal, and get so much more out of life again!


Does your beloved horse have a “puzzle” issue where only the symptoms are being treated and not the root cause? Are you looking for a holistic alternative therapy that can provide LONG LASTING relief?


Does your beloved dog have a “puzzle” issue where only the symptoms are being treated and not the root cause? Are you looking for a holistic alternative therapy that can provide LONG LASTING relief?

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Pain and Wellness Solutions Testimonials

While I don’t understand how it works, I am pleased to say that the experience of the Bowen treatments has been amazing. I went to Kathy with a number of symptoms, issues with scar tissue, skeletal misalignment and all of the aches and pains that come with that. After seven sessions across a couple of months I have experienced an exhilarating turnaround. The aches from those two bodily conditions have dissipated. I can hardly believe the changes and would heartily recommend Kathy and her expertise with the Bowen method to anyone who suffers from any musculoskeletal pain. M. K.

My 5-year-old was riding our mare, Charlie, when we noticed the horse start to limp. Then, Charlie was almost crawling. I immediately pulled my daughter off and un-tacked her. The vet came out and recommended a massage therapist and chiropractor. We ended up with Kathy at Pain & Wellness and had an amazing experience. I think we had 3-4 visits and 2 Chiropractor visits and the mare was a whole new horse! Charlie just competed in a show and got seven seconds, one third, one fourth and a fifth – a totally different animal to ride! She doesn’t buck at the canter and she can be ridden multiple times a week! She’s such a pleasure with her typical SASS attitude still! Kathy took the time to listen to the horse and see what areas needed to be worked on. She did everything with Charlie’s best interest in mind. I will be having her out again! From crawling to jumping!Equine Body Work

I recommend Kathy and her Bowen Therapy. Kathy is outgoing, friendly and knows what she is doing. My little fur baby (dog) lost the use of her back legs. The vet said it was a spinal injury. After a few sessions with Kathy, our dog Reba has regained the strength in her back legs and now can walk plus has control of her bladder. Bowen Therapy works!Canine Body Work

Kathy Morton’s Bowen Therapy has brought relief to a chronic neck problem. She is client-focused and takes time to listen prior to each treatment which means I experience not only relief but also a great night’s sleep. Jane F.Personal Bowen Therapy

Imagine your day without pain!
What would your life be like without the worry and fear
that come with sports injuries, plantar fasciitis, joint problems and headaches?

Check out this article highlighting our bowen treatments and pain management:
Featured on page 40-41 in the Grapevine Magazine.

Grapevine Magazine Bowen Therapy by Katherine Morton p40
Grapevine Magazine Bowen Therapy by Katherine Morton p41

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