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Do you or your beloved animal have a “puzzle” issue where only the symptoms are being treated and not the root cause? Are you looking for a Holistic alternative therapy that can provide LONG LASTING relief? Pain and Wellness Solutions is different because we look for the ROOT cause of your issue. The ROOT cause may be buried in layers of dysfunction.
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Kathy Morton’s Bowen Therapy has brought relief to a chronic neck problem. She is client focused and takes time to listen prior to each treatment which means I experience not only relief but also a great night’s sleep. Jane F.

While I don’t understand how it works I am pleased to say that the experience of the Bowen treatments has been amazing. I went to Kathy with a number of symptoms, issues with scar tissue, skeletal misalignment and all of the aches and pains that come with that. After seven sessions across a couple of months I have experienced an exhilarating turnaround. The aches from those two bodily conditions have dissipated. I can hardly believe the changes and would heartily recommend Kathy and her expertise with the Bowen method to anyone who suffers from any musculoskeletal pain.  M. K.

Bowen Therapy